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About the blog’s future

I’ve been getting comments on my test post, basically making fun of the fact that my blog is nonexistent      that my website hasn’t had any new content in for a while. I plan to rectify that situation and start pouring more deserved attention into this website starting within the next few months. I have many pressing matters to attend to right now, and as we can all agree, the last year has been rough on everyone.


I’ve deleted the test post and all the comments it had as all it was there for was to give me an idea of how certain things looked when designing the website. I’m leaving the comment section open in this post for anyone that may have a suggestion on designing this website. I will be manually moderating comments, so please keep them clean and respectful. I can treat it as a test to see if I want to deal with the moderation.


For those who may be interested, I am currently looking for an illustrator and book narrator for the second edition of my book ‘Fox In The City’. If you are interested in either job then please feel free to use either the email or the direct chat button shaped like eyes in the page’s footer.


  1. I will not open any links provided to me. Instead,  please tell me where I can find you on services like Fiverr, Upwork, Reedsy, or wherever else I may find you. You can send me a link address that I will manually enter in if it’s from a site I trust but it would be preferred if you gave me a search term that I could use to look you up.
  2. Please do not give personnel information through the direct chat, comment section, or email. I take online security seriously and require the minimum it takes to find you on services like Fiverr, Upwork, or Reedsy.
  3. The email link is made for reviewers and it will auto-populate text relevant to that. You can easily delete the text and fill it in as you like.
  4. If you are uncomfortable using either of the links you can send the email to [email protected] or find the direct chat on