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Fox In The City

With predators, storms, and the risk of starvation, what is one hapless little fox to do? He can, of course, go about his destiny, the same destiny as a billion foxes before him, and be content with that. A destiny that is comprised a little more than being born, hunting a little bit, possibly having a mate and then dying. Dying in a number of horrible ways, with old age almost ruled out by virtue of him living in the wild. Or he can seek out something else. Now, something else can be incredibly hard to find, but fortunately for this one fox, something else found him.

We’ll call this fox Tom, and Tom with a voracious appetite for more he explores a brand-new world—or at least one new to him. A world of incredible order that is filled to the brim with overlooked marvels. There he is acquainted with the unfamiliar idea of friendship and enjoys the amazing ease of finding his next meal. Tom, for once in his miserable life, has an opportunity to be happy and has more than living to live for.

It’s such a shame that he has the one summer to live it—to find a solution or else be sent back. Back to the struggle and the fear of wolves. Back to the pain and the promise of an abrupt death. This is the story of a fox, a city, a girl, and some magic.