Fox In The City

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This is the story of a…[yeah, yeah, yeah––you probably read that bit already so let’s get into a bit more detail.]

This is the story of a hapless fox who stumbles by magic into the strange new world of straight lines and right angles. A place where one’s actions mean more than the random series of coincidences that lead to the happenstance that is the forest. This is the story of a human boy, once a fox, thrusted into civilization forced to learn what he must. Initially scared and confused by all the sights and sounds that a bustling city had to offer he gets by the first whiff of things that this life would be worth living.

He was so overwhelmed by the new experiences that had opened up to him as he forms friendships, explore destinations and form new dreams to actualize. From the sweet taste of confectioneries to the heart palpitating excitement of a good story to that warmth of new love. Taking in so much he nearly forgets—nearly forgets that one very, very crucial detail… He only has until the end of the summer to figure out how to make it permanent; how to stay human—and figure out the price of such a miracle.

[So, I welcome you, implore you, beg of you and ask of you for some of your precious time. So we may find out together]

The Characters


A fox transformed into a human boy he was initially scared by what happened to him but now can’t imagine going back. With an insatiable curiosity and a desire to one day build something new he pushes forward in his new life.
Hopefully, he can figure out how to stay human before he turns back into a fox before the end of the summer.


Azora…What can’t be said about this haggard old woman that can’t be summed up in one word-—witch. A being that has long since sold her soul for the magical powers she now possesses. Through these powers she seeks power and life everlasting; she doesn’t care how many she’ll hurt along the way as so long as she gets those things.
She sets in motion a plan that would help her accrue legions of new minions to thoroughly corrupt the world over.


A tomboy if ever there was one, Nora is a comic loving, video game playing, roughhousing, and insensitive girl that befriends this clueless boy that she just sort of found one day. She works hard doing odd jobs around town so she can buy the things she wants and saves some for later just in case she never gets adopted.
Recently she’s been worrying about her new friend who steadily gets more distressed each day. She wonders, what he can possibly be hiding?

The Wolf Adrian

A creature—a man of pure resentment, whose demeanor is founded on his deep loathing for human life. Having been bested by and scarred by hunters; consistently being forced to flee so he can stay alive. His anger and resentment would only grow with each failure, leading him to think of nothing else but revenge. His hunting habits became cruel as he wouldn’t just finish off his prey anymore as he wanted them to suffer. It was this quality in him that attracted The Evil Witch Azora to him. She made him more than just a wolf in the woods enhancing his mind and body. Now endowed with human form his hatred remains.
Azora thought he would make the perfect minion for her grander plan [I’m not so sure].


The son of wealthy and busy parents James has the propensity to do dangerous things; like grinding down a rail breaking his arm in the process. Before this dangerous stunt he was allowed incredible freedom on the conditions that he does his chores, maintain good grade and stay safe. Breaking his arm was enough to scare his parents to him on a short leash and retire from their incredibly well-paying jobs to dedicate their time raising him. As one could imagine this frustrates James to no end.

The Shadows

Creatures made of dark thought sustained by magic.

“Allie’s Opinion”


This is the story of a fox–a fox named Tom. A fox who couldn’t in his wildest dreams imagine what it would be like to stand up on two. To behold and experience all the wonders of the world of man. The lights that light up the ground: The hum of the engines that roar and the fervor that engulfs everyone in the impassioned pursuit of happiness. Could he understand that the most amazing part is not in what we built?

Fox in the city Cover

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“Fox In The City” is the first book I’ve ever read that’s from a Fox’s perspective. The first part of the book was the most interesting to me since it goes through the daily struggles of being a wild animal left to his own devices. It was odd looking through that lense and I wish that part of the book was a bit longer. One, because I was really wrapped into it when it abruptly changed course and two because I’m just genuinely curious to see the author take it a bit further.

Tom meets Nora and she changes his life. Nora is a beautiful character and I loved everything about her. She was wise beyond her years and incredibly kind for all she had been through. It takes a special person to rise above hardship and thrive. Nora thrives and lightens the path of all around her. Her brutal honesty keeps Tom on his toes and gives him a thread to hold when all starts falling apart.

Tom’s introspection goes deep into what it means to be an animal but also what it means to be a human. Cabrera balances these sections well with his action scenes. One does not overwhelm the other and they exist in a nice harmony to keep the stories meaning as well as keep the reader engaged in the plot.

The only complaint I have about this book is it’s language is a bit choppy. Most of the story is very formal and it doesn’t flow the way it should. There was a time or two the choppy language pulled me from the story and damped my enthusiasm.  I would like to see Cabrera do another edit and smooth out some of the unneeded words and replace them with conjuctions to allow the story to flow much more smoothly.

Other than my one complaint, I very much enjoyed the story and loved how it appeals to such a huge age group. 4 stars!

Book Review “Fox In The City” Daniel Cabrera


Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

Fox in the City by Daniel Cabrera is an incredible and inspiring fable about a young kit’s journey towards discovering a purpose for its life. The normal day of a fox would be characterized by the same routine — it rises from the mud that fills its fox-hole, it stretches its sore body, and it prepares for a lousy day with the hope of getting something to eat, but this isn’t going to be the same routine for our protagonist. The fox finds something that actually lifts it out of a monotonous lifestyle without meaning, something that would give it a sense of purpose and fulfillment. But is it ready to make the difference by taking the not-before-travelled path?

I have read a few fables in my life, including Animal Farm by George Orwell, but it was such a delight reading Fox in the City. This is a refreshing story with great lessons for readers, a story that will speak strongly to the hearts of dreamers. In this book, the author explores the philosophy of daring and what happens when we have the courage to face our fears and step beyond the security of our comfort zone. The protagonist discovers this in an adventure that will take readers’ breath away. One of the things I loved about the book is the excellent prose, which draws the reader into the fox’s world with vivid descriptions and a strong narrative voice. The protagonist is well-imagined and its development will interest readers in many ways. It takes a lot of skill to create a story featuring compelling characters that readers can relate to, but it takes genius to write a fable that speaks straight to the heart of the reader, and Daniel Cabrera has just that. A very inspiring and entertaining story!