Bastion of Reason

Honestly, I pulled this straight out of the middle of the list from my original website.😢 That site came with some serious growing pains.

In any case, I vaguely remember writing this thinking that we all tend to forget what we want out of life. In truth, we are all at least a little guilty of coming up with convoluted excuses why we can’t just do the things we love; why a 9-5 dead end job takes precedence over our dreams.

You could imagine the mind as this vast citadel—or bastion. (yeah, that sounds nicer, doesn’t it?)  We lock our worst memories in the dungeons and romanticize others by placing them in towers. We often fortify our minds from foreign and offense ideas and indeed if we go too far our minds can be like isolationist nations not letting any new ideas come in.

Often times we feel the dilapidation take its toll as we go day by day by day without a break or a change of pace.