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I'm Daniel Cabrera

I basically grew up on the inside of a video store. Growing up, I was always the kind of kid that loved to pick apart stories. I would delve into character abilities and motivations. I would explore each world that was presented before me. With stories I loved I would imagine what it would be like to live in that type of world. With stories I hated I would pace back and forth trying to figure out what mistakes were made and the changes necessary to amend them. To say the least, I am a bit of a nerd.

I knew I wanted to write since I was thirteen years old, and this website, while it’s not much, is my opportunity to share that with you. So I welcome you to ‘The Fox Reads’ where the sly fox reads.

My Books

This is the story of a hapless fox who stumbles by magic into the world of man. Who by a chance encounter with a witch, transformed into a human boy complete with the ability to speak then thrust into a bustling city. Initially scared and confused, he learns to appreciate the opportunity as he gets his first whiff of what life would be like. Learn more here

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Here's the latest

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I’ve been getting comments on my test post, basically making fun of the fact that my blog is nonexistent      that my website hasn’t had any

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