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About Me

Daniel Cabrera

As far back as I could remember I was always one for a good story. Now when I was little, every time I watched a movie or read a book, I would imagine myself in far-flung places fighting these farfetched battles to win the day. I would fantasize that I lived in anyone of these worlds and imagine who I would be.

Tired of just admiring others work, I created my own worlds to imagine in. Though when I first started writing, I suffered from a learning disability. It made it difficult for me to read and write. Yet nothing could stop me, I was determined. I made it my business to admire the success of others despite their adversities, and to aspire to be like them. I became the only kid in class that preferred to read Shakespeare as it was originally written. I became the kid that was teased being called ‘encyclopedia’.

Here I am living out my dreams. I am becoming the writer, younger childlike me would be proud to be. I write for the love of it. I write for that one who appreciates a good story just as do I. So, take these adventures with me and my characters.

My Books

This is the story of a fox–a fox named Tom. A fox who couldn’t in his wildest dreams imagine what it would be like to stand up on two. To behold and experience all the wonders of the world of man. The lights that light up the ground: The hum of the engines that roar and the fervor that engulfs everyone in the impassioned pursuit of happiness. Could he understand that the most amazing part is not in what we built?

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It started in the morning; though ‘morning’ is a word that doesn’t really apply to the eternal twilight that this place exists in. Though I remember it clearly, it is hard to describe; to put down in words you know. It was a place without a sun or a moon or single star in the ‘sky’. The ‘sky’ is this endless stretch of clouds and nothing looks quite as it is supposed to. The main source of light changes day by day. The world is generally drained of its color made to simulate the world we missed out on. It is a place made of the souls that inhabit it, willed to whatever shape, be it suburb, country or city, by this unseen evil power. My name is ‘Wolf’ and this is my story.

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